I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 21 – Working as a Therapist During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Nancy Yamoah, OTR/L

September 21, 2020

In this episode, we get real about working as a therapist during the COVID-19 pandemic in a conversation with Nancy Yamoah, OTR/L, who has been working on the frontline in a skilled nursing facility through it all. Drawing from experiences that she has also shared on her YouTube channel, LovelyyOT, Nancy discusses the big changes in her facility, day-to-day operations during the pandemic, finding positives and normalcy at her job, and more.


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We Discuss

  • Introduction to Nancy and her background as an OT (00:44);
  • Why Nancy loves working in a skilled nursing facility (07:16);
  • Nancy’s YouTube channel, “Lovelyy OT” (08:17);
  • The immediate impact of COVID-19 on working in a skilled nursing facility (10:36);
  • Day-to-day operations during COVID-19 (17:12);
  • Finding positivity through workplace adversity (35:36);
  • Where to find Nancy on social media (44:43);

About Nancy Yamoah, OTR/L

Originally from Ghana, Nancy is currently a permanent placement Occupational Therapist at a skilled nursing facility in Baltimore, MD, working primarily with elderly patients. She loves the work she does and posts regularly on her YouTube channel, LovelyyOT, and her Instagram to share her experiences and give other Occupational Therapists a relatable resource as they forge their own careers.

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