I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 20 – Building Out and Traveling in an RV – Drs. Ryan and Megan O’Rear PT, DPT

September 8, 2020

Tune into this episode for a special in-depth look at travel therapy in an RV through the story of nomad-extraordinaires, Drs. Ryan and Megan O’Rear PT, DPT. Ryan and Megan take us through their post-graduate journey of choosing to live in an RV, finding the perfect home—their 1994 Fleetwood Bounder, “Big Betty”—making some serious DIY renovations, and more.


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We Discuss

  • Introduction to Ryan and Megan and their travel therapy backgrounds (00:33);
  • Deciding to travel in an RV, “Big Betty” (04:52);
  • Building “Big Betty” into a true mobile home (09:44);
  • Challenges Ryan and Megan faced while building “Big Betty” (21:52);
  • Living in an RV in severe weather (27:30);
  • Learning takeaways from building “Big Betty” (30:35);
  • Living a nomadic lifestyle (38:01);
  • Advice for aspiring RV travel therapists (41:54);

About Drs. Ryan and Megan O’Rear PT, DPT

Drs. Ryan and Megan O’Rear PT, DPT are the husband and wife duo behind Joint Movement DPTs who is traveling the US in their self-renovated 1994 Fleetwood Bounder, named “Big Betty.” They are new grad travel physical therapists hoping to be an insightful and exciting resource for those wanting to begin their travel careers—whether it’s for work or for pure enjoyment!

Join them in their journey on YouTube at Joint Movement DPTs or on their website at jointmovementdpts.com where they hope to inspire and unite travelers of all different backgrounds and aspirations! They can also be found on Instagram @jointmovement_dpts.

About the Show

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