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Travel Therapy October 8, 2012

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Outlook

Posted by <Brent Nau>

We wanted to take a look at the current job market for physical therapy assistants (PTA) by analyzing the top 15 metro areas in the United States for available PTA  jobs, the average salary ranges in those metros, projected growth of the industry, average pay range, the mean salary over the last decade, work schedule and work environment. With a projected 46% growth for physical therapy assistant jobs over the next decade, the job outlook is promising.


Top 15 Metro Areas For PTA Jobs (4th Qtr 2012)

  Low Typical High
Houston, TX $36,875 $46,849 $55,639
Philadelphia, PA $38,394 $48,780 $57,932
Chicago, IL $39,227 $49,838 $59,188
Los Angeles, CA $40,477 $51,426 $61,074
San Antonio, TX $34,503 $43,836 $52,060
Baltimore, MD $38,402 $48,789 $57,943
Richmond, VA $36,537 $46,421 $55,130
Dallas, TX $36,733 $46,670 $55,425
Voorhees, NJ $38,394 $48,780 $57,932
Washington, DC $40,573 $51,549 $61,220
Atlanta, GA $36,872 $46,846 $55,635
Fort Worth, TX $35,813 $45,501 $54,037
Cincinnati, OH $35,899 $45,610 $54,167
Tampa, FL $34,857 $44,286 $52,595
Fort Myers, FL $33,380 $42,410 $50,366
Ranked by the number of job postings for Physical Therapy Assistant as listed on


Salary Range

Top 10% 75% Median 25th% Bottom 10%
$55,715 $51,520 $46,913 $41,685 $36,925



Female 73%
Male 27%


Years of Experience

Less Than 1 Year 13%
1-4 Years 39%
5-9 Years 15%
10-19 Years 25%
20 Years or more 7%


Work Environment

Ambulatory Health Care Services 55%
Hospitals 28%
Nursing / Residential Care Facilities 12%
Other 5%


Work Schedule

Full Time 75%
Part Time 25%

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