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How Much Do Occupational Therapists Make?

July 15, 2011

Questions regarding occupational therapy salary information are top of mind when looking for a new occupational therapy job. Currently the national average salary for an occupational therapist hovers in the low $70,000 and can top out at over $100,000. Since this is an average there are numerous variables that can affect your pay rate, such as your specialty, experience level, location and facility. Also deciding whether to take on a permanent or travel assignment can also impact your pay rate.

Salary Benefits of an Occupational Therapy Travel Job
One should consider the additional pay benefits of a travel occupational therapy job. As a travel occupational therapist you gain valuable experience in multiple settings that you will make you more marketable in the future. You can also have the opportunity to work in smaller markets across the United States that pay a higher premium due to market conditions. Working with a therapy staffing company you will be provided paid-housing or a housing stipend for each job assignment, so no monthly mortgage or rental payments. Other benefits to consider are paid utilities, matching 401K plans, paid health insurance, mileage reimbursement, and completion bonuses.

Salary By Years of Experience

Less Than 1 year $43,505 – $70,834
1-4 Years $44,150 – $74,560
5-9 Years $39,370 – $72,636
10-19 Years $42,952 – $90,534
20 years or more $47,344 – $99,340

Source: PayScale.com | Updated:Sept 15, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 394


Salary By Skills/Specialty

Rehabilitation $40,268 – $76,026
Pediatrics $40,565 – $72,248
Acute Care $41,692 – $72,008
Geriatrics $40,503 – $75,848
Orthopedics $36,500 – $86,500
Home Health $54,000 – $80,000

Source: PayScale.com | Updated:Sept 15, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 114


Salary By Gender

Female $41,701 – $75,490
Male $50,532 – $83,547

PayScale.com | Updated:Sept 15, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 161


Salary By State

The average nationwide occupational therapist salary posted on Indeed was $90,000.  Average occupational therapist salaries for job postings nationwide are 29% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Highest Salary For OTs
Mississippi $106,000 (+18%)
New York $106,000 (+18%)
Massachusetts $103,000 (+15%)
California $100,000 (+11%)
Connecticut $97,000 (+8%)
Lowest Salary For OTs
Hawaii $66,000 (-27%)
South Dakota $71,000 (-21%)
Louisiana $72,000 (-20%)
Nebraska $73,000 (-18%)
Alaska $77,000 (-15%)

Indeed.com | Updated: Sept 18,2012 |Average Salary of Jobs with “Occupational Therapist” Title

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