Red Rock formations in Arizona
Career Development January 29, 2020

Travel Therapy State Guide: Arizona

Posted by <Kate Hawes>

Our traveler Shayna Fillipo (SLP) has put together her top 8 must-see spots in Arizona! Shanya takes some amazing photographs so make sure to check her out on Instagram and follow her journeys!

1. Most memorable hike: 20-mile roundtrip hike to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. Located on Havasupai Reservation, hikers will need to make a reservation online first for this memorable overnight hike. 

Havasu Falls

2. Favorite weekend getaway: Head to Page, AZ. You can’t go wrong with Powell Lake for boating and kayaking, Antelope Canyon for the famous photo op, and Horseshoe Bend for unique hiking – all in Page!

Kayaking on Powell Lake

3. Something that might surprise you: Being able to see logs that are over a million years old at Petrified Forest National Park. Walking through this park offers you sights of fossils, wildflowers, ancient petroglyphs, and more. 

Petrified Forest Rocks

4. Unique experience: Attending the Ostrich Festival in Chandler, where the local ostrich farms have ostrich racing. The festival stems from the town’s history of ostrich ranching. You can also enjoy a parade, music, arts and crafts, and all the other fixings of a great festival. 

Ostrich Festival

5. Picture perfect view: Anywhere in Sedona – but the view at the top of Cathedral Rock is especially picture-perfect, with unique sandstone formations framing your view on the Sedona skyline. 

Cathedral Rock

6. For the history buffs: Go to Canyon De Chelly National Monument in the heart of Navajo Nation. The Navajo, still to this day, live on the canyon floor.

Canyon de Chelly

7. Unforgettable overnight stay: You can rent a Navajo Hogan, a traditional Navajo dwelling, on AirBnB!

Navajo Hogan
8: Best sunrise spot: Camping at The View Campground in Monument Valley lets you wake up by unzipping your tent and seeing all of Monument Valley sprawled before you as the sun peaks up.

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Now that you have your Arizona itinerary, check out our open jobs in AZ!

Have any more Arizona must-see suggestions? Drop us a line below in the comments.

Emily Marshall, MS CCC-SLP also contributed to and edited this article.

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