Clinical Fellow Finds Natural Bliss in Wyoming

Meet Med Travelers SLP Clinical Fellow, Kersten S.

When choosing where to begin her SLP career journey, Med Travelers Clinical Fellow, Kersten S., already had a dream destination in mind. The west was calling her name—a call that was answered when she took a pediatric school-setting position at Child Development Services of Fremont County in Riverton, Wyoming.

“I fell in love with this area of the country on a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park,” says Kersten. “I told my family I could see myself living out here—little did they know, I would be just a year later!”

The location was a given, but how did Kersten decide on a travel partner to help make her Clinical Fellowship dreams a reality?

Choosing a Clinical Fellowship Partner

“I decided to work with Med Travelers for my Clinical Fellowship year to gain valuable career experience and explore new places around the country while I’m young and single,” she says. “I want to discover as much of the country as I can, and this is a great opportunity to get started!”

Transitioning from grad school to a new career can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey which, for Kersten, Med Travelers’ support and guidance made for a smooth takeoff.

“I love how supportive this company has been from the start,” she says. “Any questions I have are always answered quickly and there are so many teams to help guide me through all the necessary onboarding steps—gaining a CF supervisor, state licensing, housing, and so much more!”

Kersten found the ideal Clinical Fellowship opportunity at Child Development Services of Fremont County, where, during her interview, she felt she would be given independence with her practice along with steadfast support from her Clinical Fellowship Supervisor along the way.

“It was comforting to know that I could come to my CF Supervisor with any questions I had or if I needed guidance on a certain topic,” she says. “My CF supervisor has done a great job in letting me find my own way of completing therapy and writing notes while supporting me in any way I need.

So, with her Clinical Fellowship booked, Kersten was ready to begin her adventure to the west.

Heading West with a Furry Friend

Along with her parents, Kersten had a special travel companion for the long drive—her great big Labrador, Flint. Her SUV full to the brim, she was in for quite an excursion.

“Traveling with a 100-pound lab is not very easy when driving over 1,500 miles across the country,” Kersten says. “I’m thankful my parents came with me to help with the driving so I wouldn’t have to drive alone, but the SUV was packed.”

Thankfully, Flint was a natural on the road.

“Taking multiple breaks to stretch everyone’s legs and restroom breaks is key to helping your pup not get bored or too anxious on the trip,” she says. “But I am really lucky to have a pup that loves car rides!”

Kersten’s advice for other Clinical Fellows looking to travel with their pets?

“Make sure you research apartments, duplexes, or any other housing to make sure they are pet friendly—there’s a lot out there! Also, research what hotel chains are pet friendly and make sure to call the hotel where you are planning to stay to make sure they will accept your pet. Some hotel websites may say they are pet friendly but have restrictions on what pets are allowed.”

After a successful trek to her Riverton, WY destination, Kersten is enjoying life in her beautiful new home.

“I really love exploring the mountains and scenery here in Wyoming—getting to see the mountains covered with snow every day is an incredible privilege,” she says.

She has also made some new friends in the area, who she enjoys spending time with when she’s not at work. Her furry friend seems to be enjoying himself, too.

“One of my favorite things to do in my free time is taking Flint on walks around the area. He loves to explore new places and run in the wide open spaces.”

Kersten’s Next Stop(s)

Once she completes her Clinical Fellowship year, Kersten sees future opportunities working with Med Travelers—planning to find travel SLP assignments for the next few years. “I really love this company and all the opportunities to live in places I never thought I would be able to live!”

Though Kersten is completing her Clinical Fellowship in a pediatric school setting, she is looking forward to the flexibility to explore different settings as an SLP.

“As I complete my CF year in the pediatric school setting, I plan to move to the medical side of the company to work with adults for a few contracts,” she says. “I love both the pediatric and adult setting, so I am looking to find my niche—I love that I have the flexibility to go between the two settings, which allows me to expand my knowledge in both practices.”

Now a seasoned veteran, Kersten has some wisdom for future Clinical Fellows getting their start.

“My advice for future CFs is to have fun during this year! It can be stressful at times, but it is very rewarding to know that you are one step closer to gaining your CCCs. Take advantage of having your CF supervisor to learn all you can learn about that setting, their experiences, and how you can use that information to shape your career in the future.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

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