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Career Development January 1, 2020

The Top 5 Paying States for Speech-Language Pathologists

By Erin Wallace

A speech language pathologist's salary varies widely based on a factors such as where the SLP chooses to work — whether in a school, a hospital, a skilled nursing facility or with home health service — and location. If you're searching for a new job and have some flexibility based on where you could move, find out where SLPs get paid the most so you can hone your search in these places.

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5 best states for earning the highest SLP pay

1. Connecticut

This New England state comes in a close second when it comes to SLP pay rankings. SLPs working in skilled nursing facilities, schools and hospitals in Connecticut earn an average of $93,340 annually. The state has a good blend of urban and rural areas, so nature-loving or city-dwelling SLPs can find a neighborhood that meets all their requirements for living. And in the fall, the state boasts postcard-worthy foliage along with the rest of New England that's a short drive away.

2. California

Ranked third in the nation for highest SLP pay, California boasts abundant sunshine, beautiful oceans and bustling urban areas. SLPs in California earn $88,870 annually, which works out to about $44.37/hour. A higher salary here is a good thing because California's cost of living is also more expensive than other states.

3. Alaska

Major cities, such as Anchorage, Alaska, average 102 inches of snow each year, making this a great choice for SLPs who enjoy cold temps and a peaceful environment. The average salary for SLPs in Alaska is $91,710, and the cost of living is also more affordable than other states, although it does vary by city.

4. Colorado

If you're looking to live a healthier life and spend more time outdoors, landing an SLP job in Colorado might be a great solution. The state offers plenty of opportunities for biking, skiing and hiking. The state's SLP pay is among the highest in the country at $88,500 annually, on average.

5. New York

New York employs more than 12,000 SLPS, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for SLPs, whether you have years of experience or you're just starting out. Affluent school districts tend to pay the most, and the state averages $87,420 annually for SLP pay

When you focus your SLP job search on these five high-paying states, you can help ensure you're earning the highest salary possible in whichever setting you choose to work, whether an elementary or a secondary school, a skilled nursing facility or a hospital.

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