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Winter Sports Zodiac: Take Up a New Snow Sport on Assignment

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Travel therapist are always sharing photos with us of their great adventures. All of that outdoor exploring doesn’t have to come to a hault just because it’s snowing! When you travel with Advanced on a 13-week assignment, there’s no better time to pick up a new winter sport.

We know that everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to extreme sports and that’s why we’ve created this winter sports zodiac based on your physical ability.

We’ve outlined all of the physical abilities below. Be honest with yourself! The last thing you need is an injury while on assignment. It’s OK to admit snow angels are more your pace.

Correspond your number with your recommended sport on the zodiac wheel for your next adventure! Next, check out the city recommended for learning your new sport. Now all you have to do is browse your profession in the recommended city, and your own your way to mastering a new winter sport.

Physical Ability: Zero Interest/Ability in Physical Activity (1)

Your Sport: Snow Angels

View Jobs in Minnesota

While on assignment in Minneapolis, check out the Art Shanty Projects, temporary communities (resembling ice fishing shelters) built by artists. There’s also the City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival, a ski race you can watch with additional activities like a snow sculpture competition. People here love snow so much, they won’t even notice you struggling to perfect your snow angel form.

Physical Ability: Nonexistent (2)

Your Sport: Snow Tubing

View or jobs in CO

Snow tube at Boulder Ridge at Liberty Mountain Resort while on assignment as an Operating Room RN in Denver. After exerting all you’ve got, relax at the one of the many restaurants or taverns at the resort.

Physical Ability: Nonexistent with Great Hand Dexterity (3)

Your Sport: Snowmobiling

View Jobs in Idaho

In under two hours your can be surrounded by the endless pristine trails of West Yellowstone, Montana, just miles from Idaho and Wyoming. Sign up for a tour and ride alongside wildlife and other natural snow-covered wonders.

Physical Ability: Somewhat Athletic but Mostly Strong Thighs (4)

Your Sport: Snowshoeing

View Jobs in Oregon

When you’re not on shift as a Labor & Delivery RN in Portland, drive from Portland to Mt. Hood’s alpine village, Government Camp. Here you can rent snowshoes and follow a fairly moderate trail back through snowy trails otherwise inaccessible on foot.

Physical Ability: Intermittent Bursts of Speed and Ability

Your Sport: Cross-Country Skiing

Search Positions in Washington

When you work in Washington as a registered nurse, you’ll be a one-hour drive from Snoqualmie Pass, Washington and the Summit at Snoqualmieone of the most beautiful places for cross-country skiing in the U.S.

Physical Ability: Some Finesse and Endurance

Your Sport: Ice Skating

View Positions Near Boston

The Boston Common Frog Pond will be your place to strengthen your ankles and endurance on the ice while on assignment in Boston as an Operating Room nurse.

Physical Ability: Teetering on the Edge of Jockdom

Your Sport: Skiing

Apply for a Position Near Reno, NV

One positive of moving to Reno for 13 weeks is that you can avoid the snow until you’re ready to hit the mountain. In under an hour you can be at California’s Northstar Resort near Lake Tahoe.

Physical Ability: Physically Inclined with Great Balance

Your Sport: Snowboarding

Find a Position in Colorado

While living and working as an RN in Thornton, a suburb of Denver you’ll be less than two hours from one of the best snowboarding (and skiing) resorts in that nation: Vail Mountain.

Want to start traveling this winter? Contact a recruiter today!

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