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Confessions of an Allied Travel Veteran

With nearly five years of tenure as an allied healthcare traveler with Med Travelers, David Cotteleer, Physical Therapist, has expanded his horizons by living in countless new places and working at some of the nation’s top facilities. “In the beginning I started working with Med Travelers because my recruiter, Courtney, and I got along really well,” he explained, when asked how his journey began. “We talked a lot about the difference I could make in salary, and the benefits of working with Med Travelers.”

His recruiter covered every detail of the travel lifestyle, including the variety of potential travel locations, competitive compensation and other benefits afforded to allied professionals working with Med Travelers. “That,” said Cotteleer, “Is what really sold me on them.”


“The pay is good with traveling,” he continued. “And the company itself, Med Travelers, generally finds me work wherever I want to go, or very, very close to it. If I have an area of the country that I want to be in, they will typically find me work very close to that (location).”

Since embarking on his mobile career with Med Travelers, Cotteleer has lived and worked in many cities across the U.S., including Wilmington, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. “Probably the best experience I had as a traveler was the year that I spent in Seattle,” he recalled. “That was a really great experience for me, just living (there), seeing all of the options that were around the city, and the friends that I made there.”

“The best part of traveling for work,” he added, “has been the ability to see the country and being able to get out and explore. I had never really driven across the country and now, since I have been a traveler, I have done it three times! It’s a really cool thing to see how diverse it is.”

“Also, as a healthcare professional, traveling has been a big help. It really taught me how to quickly adapt to new places, new people, new staff, new documentation systems, and even to the way that different therapists operate in different areas of the country,” he said. “On a personal level it made me better at socializing, making friends, and it really made me much better at integrating into communities and different social groups much faster.”

In addition to the new experiences and the personal and professional benefits that come along with traveling, Cotteleer also credits his career choice with allowing him to work with other talented allied professionals. “I have gotten the opportunity to work with some truly outstanding therapists that have made me want to become a better therapist,” he said. “They have taught me things that have made me want to expand my profession and learn more about areas that I had never thought about exploring before.”

“Traveling has been something that has changed my whole life, not just my profession,” he added. “It has been good for me on a personal, professional and financial level. I recommend that every therapist who even has a little interest in (traveling) explore it. I advocate it as a lifestyle. It’s really good, it gets you out and you learn so much about yourself, the profession, and other areas of the country.”

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By Melissa Hagstrom, contributor

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