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Allied Travel FAQs

Do you have questions about Med Travelers assignments, benefits, or other questions? No problem! Check out our allied traveler FAQs (frequently asked questions) and answers below.  Or call us at (800) 788-4815 or contact us online if you don’t find the answer to the allied travel question you’re looking for here.

Allied Travel FAQs: Working with Med Travelers

Am I making any kind of commitment when I apply to Med Travelers?

No. A processed application only means you have access to exciting allied health travel assignment choices. You can commit to an assignment when you're ready to travel.

Are there minimum qualifications?

To be assigned to an allied travel position by Med Travelers, you must be a graduate of a U.S.-accredited allied healthcare program, hold a valid professional practice license or certification, and present proof of your right to work in the United States (the most common forms of this are your birth certificate, social security card, or U.S. passport).

How long is my commitment to Med Travelers?

Your commitment is equal to the length of the assignment you agree to take. For travel assignments, this is typically 13 weeks, but can vary to be either longer or shorter depending on the facility’s needs.

How much do you charge?

Our staffing service is free to you; all of our fees are paid by the client healthcare facilities and not the travelers and clinicians.

I've found a Med Travelers opportunity I'm interested in. Where do I start?

We make it easy for you to get started. Simply fill out a Med Travelers online application. You can quickly post your resume or social media profile to make it even quicker. After completing your application, Med Travelers will provide you access to skills checklists specific to your discipline, as well as a professional reference request form. By completing these steps you'll be matched to a recruiter more quickly. Your recruiter will then evaluate your qualifications and contact you by phone to match you with assignments that complement your experience.

Which allied health professionals are employed by Med Travelers?

We place many allied disciplines, including but not limited to physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, radiation therapists, respiratory therapists, medical technologists, radiologic technologists, nuclear medicine technologists, MRI technologists, CT technologists, sonographers, cardiovascular technologists and polysomnography technologists. Click here for an overview of all Med Travelers disciplines.

Allied Travel FAQs: Pay and Benefits

Do you offer benefits and bonuses?

Med Travelers' allied health professionals are among the highest-paid healthcare professionals in the industry. We also offer a wide variety of benefits including comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Additional voluntary benefits such as short term disability, critical illness, accident insurance, hospital indemnity, and legal services are also available. Free, private housing; 401(k) retirement plan; free continuing education; travel reimbursement; The Service Connection; incentive programs; and much more.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Yes. You can receive a referral bonus — up to $1,000 depending on discipline — for referring candidates to Med Travelers. Once your referral completes a 13-week assignment, you will be eligible for the bonus. Please visit our Refer a Friend page for detailed information about our program. More travelers come to us through referrals from friends and colleagues than from any other source.

How Do I Submit My Timesheet?

With our mobile application, AMN Capture, healthcare professionals have a fast and simplified way to submit their timesheets on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

How much does Med Travelers pay?

Our travelers are among the most satisfied in the industry – hear what they have to say here. Pay rates are always competitive and vary by assignment, discipline, specialty and experience. Talk to your recruiter for details once you apply.

What is your payment process?

Most of our allied health professionals are paid directly from our payroll department. A few facilities do pay our travelers directly. For your convenience, we provide compensation via direct deposit or overnight mail.

Allied Travel FAQs: Job Assignments

All things considered, how long before I can start an assignment?

This depends upon how quickly you want to begin. Having your application completed speeds things up considerably! You could start your first assignment within one week, or four to six weeks. Ready to begin? Start your online application now!

Can I be assigned in my hometown?

Yes. Some of the hospitals we staff hire local healthcare professionals. Your recruiter will know if the assignment in which you're interested is eligible for local travel.

Can I bring along a friend?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share this important journey by traveling with a colleague, spouse or close friend. And if you know another allied clinician seeking employment, we encourage you to take advantage of our Refer a Friend program.

How do I get to my assignment?

If traveling away from home, Med Travelers recommends that you drive to your assignment. This gives you the freedom to explore a new area on your days off. If you accept an assignment in a major city where parking is scarce and public transportation is readily available (New York City, for example), consider leaving your car at home. Med Travelers reimburses the travel expenses to your assignment regardless of how you choose to get there.

How long are travel assignments?

Most assignments are 13 weeks, but could range from four to 26 weeks or longer. If there's an assignment you're interested in, contact your recruiter to discuss the full range of options available to you.

How should I prepare for my assignment?

Once you commit to an assignment, you will receive a confirmation via email with all pertinent information about your assignment. Your recruiter will then work with you to prepare you for your assignment.

I chose an assignment. Now what?

Your credentials, along with your selected start date, are sent to our client (the facility you've chosen). The client then reviews your application and interviews you via a phone call. Your recruiter will prepare you for each step of the hiring process.

What are the chances I'll get the assignment I want?

Your chances are excellent, especially if your professional discipline is in high demand. Even if we don't have your specific position in the location of your choice, we'll contact facilities in that area, present your credentials and search for assignments. We're not happy until you are.

What types of assignments do you offer?

As a leading temporary staffing company, Med Travelers, an AMN Healthcare company, has some of the most sought-after allied health opportunities available across the United States. Thanks to our AMN clients, we have access to more assignments, including exclusive and sought-after assignments across the U.S. Let us help you find the specific assignment you desire, whether in a prestigious teaching hospital or a rehab facility, in a major city or a rural setting. We have available positions in almost all allied health programs, disciplines and shifts.

When does my travel commitment begin?

Following the interview, you and your chosen facility will determine if you're the right fit for the assignment. Your commitment begins only if and when you decide to accept the assignment.

Will a Med Travelers recruiter help me choose an assignment?

Upon acceptance of your application and skills checklist, a professional personal recruiter will be assigned to you. With years of experience in healthcare staffing and in matching qualified clinicians and allied health professionals with the right assignment, our recruiters assist you in every aspect of your search for the perfect assignment. Together, you choose the assignment that's right for you.

Will you inform me of the state licensing requirements for my assignment?

Yes, your Med Travelers recruiter will fully inform you about the specific licensing requirements in the state of your assignment. We're here to assist you and make this part of the process easy; most of the process of state licensure is handled by our team. Consult your recruiter for more details.

Allied Travel FAQs: Housing

Do you offer housing options?

Yes! Med Travelers happily provides our clinicians with two housing choices, allowing them to choose which option works best for their specific needs. If a clinician lives 50 or more miles from their assignment, they can choose company paid housing or a monthly stipend they can use towards their own housing accommodations. Both options are considered to be a part of the clinician's overall compensation package. In addition, if clinicians choose company paid housing, our housing account executives will secure furnished, private housing in a neighborhood close to the clinician's work facility. Our team of territory experts will work diligently to find you safe, clean, quality accommodations within a reasonable commute time of your facility.

Have more allied travel questions?

No problem! Simply call us at (800) 788-4815 or contact your recruiter directly. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

How does housing work?

Med Travelers is pleased to provide standard housing as a helpful alternative to receiving lodging per diem. If you elect to receive provided housing, our team of territory experts will work diligently to find you safe, clean, quality accommodations within a reasonable commute time of your facility.

I don't need Med Travelers to provide my housing. Do you offer an allowance?

Yes. If you arrange and pay for your own housing, you will receive a monthly housing stipend or subsidy. The subsidy varies by position and assignment location.

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