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Radiation therapists are in demand across the U.S. — and Med Travelers offers a wide variety of radiation therapist job opportunities in all types of healthcare facilities and settings to meet that increasing demand.

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Radiation therapist job duties include providing radiation therapy to patients of all ages who suffer from various health disorders including cancer and thyroid disease, as well as administering controlled radiation to specific body areas to eliminate abnormal cells. Almost all radiation therapist jobs are based in hospitals and cancer treatment centers, and typically require maneuvering disabled patients, which can be a physically demanding task. Radiation therapist jobs involve working near radiation, and careful attention is required to avoid overexposure.
Radiation therapist jobs require the successful completion of an accredited radiation therapy education program at the associate’s or bachelor’s level. In addition, radiation therapy certification (AART) and yearly renewal is also usually required. Because of high demand, temporary and travel radiation therapist employment opportunities are available at all levels of education and training.

On average, radiation therapy salary rates generally fall between $36 and $38 per hour, or about $79,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Radiation therapist jobs requiring more advanced experience may offer greater levels of pay.

The radiation therapist employment opportunities offered by Med Travelers offer highly competitive salaries as well as a full range of benefits that includes free housing, partial expense compensation, and a range of bonus opportunities. We also provide free liability insurance, and comprehensive health insurance — not to mention the option of retaining your insurance coverage between travel assignments.

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