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Polysomnography Technologist Jobs

Polysomnographic technologist jobs are being staffed at increasing rates in locations all throughout the U.S. — and Med Travelers offers a broad spectrum of RPSGT job opportunities to meet this growing demand.

Why choose travel employment with Med Travelers? With a series of industry-leading benefits — including competitive pay, free liability insurance, “day-one” health, dental and vision insurance, and 30-day between-assignment insurance — we offer better opportunities than any other travel health firm. Our exclusive contracts with industry-leading hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as our status as a company of AMN Healthcare, healthcare’s workforce innovator and the nation's largest provider of clinical staffing services, combine to enable us to provide applicants with the largest selection of travel polysomnographic technologist jobs in the U.S.

Ready to find your new polysomnographic tech job? View the information offered below for additional details on polysomnographic technologist salary rates, job description, job responsibilities, and more — or search polysomnographic technologist jobs available from Med Travelers now.

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Polysomnographic technologist job responsibilities involve performing sleep studies to assist patients who suffer from sleep disorders, including preparing patients for sleep studies, monitoring patients during studies, and recording the subsequent results. Most often performed in hospitals and sleep disorder centers, sleep studies are typically undertaken in the evening; therefore, RPSGT jobs frequently require a nighttime work schedule.
Polysomnographic technologist jobs require the successful completion of a polysomnography educational program, as well as registration in the field (RPSGT). Polysomnographic tech jobs are frequently obtained by clinicians with advanced and specialized skills.

Polysomnographic technologist salary rates vary depending on location, level of training/experience, certifications, and other factors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries currently average about $42,000 per year, with polysomnographic tech jobs utilizing advanced training and experience offering higher rates.

Med Travelers offers highly competitive polysomnographic technologist salary rates as well as full benefits, free housing, travel opportunities, and partial expense compensation. Liability insurance is on us, and comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage is provided — along with many other benefits, such as the option of retaining your coverage for 30 days when you’re between travel assignments.

All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Retrieved Nov. 20, 2012.

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