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Histotechnician (HT) Jobs

The histotechnician jobs offered by Med Travelers are among the most lucrative in the allied travel industry, offering clinicians the opportunity to enhance their careers while exploring the country while working at premier healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

As a company of AMN Healthcare — healthcare's workforce innovator and the nation’s largest provider of clinical staffing services — Med Travelers can offer exclusive histotechnician job opportunities you won't find from any other allied travel staffing company.

Start searching for your new travel histotechnician job today: Browse the information below to learn more about histotechnician salary rates, job description, and more, or search ht jobs available from Med Travelers now.

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Histotechnicians, or histologic technicians (HTs), work as members of laboratory teams, utilizing histologic technology to diagnose diseases and/or conduct research. Histotechnician jobs generally require working with tissue (freezing and cutting) before mounting specimens on slides for microscope inspection. These tasks require precise motor skills in addition to patience and knowledge of biology, immunology, molecular biology, chemistry, and anatomy. Histotechnician jobs are located in labs in a wide range of medical and clinical settings.
To qualify for a travel histotechnician job through Med Travelers, applicants must be able to prove completion of an accredited education program and have passed any applicable licensure exam. (Your Med Travelers recruiter can assist in determining what licensure exams are necessary in any given facility or location.) Clinical education in a histotechnician (HT) program accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) is also strongly recommended; additional certifications and education will generally assist applicants in securing more advanced histology jobs (such as histotechnologist) at a higher salary rate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average histotechnician salary rates vary, averaging between $17 and $19 an hour in most settings, with an average annual salary of approximately $40,000. Exact rates of pay depend on the applicant’s specific levels of certification and experience, as well as the location and setting of the employment opportunity. Advanced-level histology technologists receive higher salary rates.

Med Travelers offers travel histotechnician salary rates that are competitive with the national average. In addition, our travelers enjoy a comprehensive variety of benefits, including expense compensation, free housing, bonuses, and more. Med Travelers also offers insurance coverage options between assignments.

All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Retrieved Jan. 13, 2013.

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