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CT technologist jobs are among the most actively staffed roles in allied healthcare — and the travel CT tech jobs offered by Med Travelers include opportunities in some of the nation’s premier hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Why choose to travel for your next CT technologist job? With Med Travelers, you can select your next opportunity from a range of high-tier healthcare facilities, many of which have exclusive relationships with us thanks to our status as a company of AMN Healthcare, healthcare's workforce innovator and the nation's largest provider of clinical staffing services. Our support team is highly qualified, as well; your CT tech job recruiter will have in-depth information relating to each job, each facility, and the position itself.

Take the next step on your allied health career path with a wide variety of CT tech jobs throughout the United States with Med Travelers. Browse the tabs below for details on CT technologist salary information, job description, and more — or search CT tech opportunities available from Med Travelers now.

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CT jobs are available in hospital and diagnostic imaging facilities

CT technologist jobs involve the use of computerized tomography (CT) scanners to diagnose patients’ medical issues by producing cross-section images of internal organs and tissues.

Most frequently employed in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers, CT techs must have the ability to accurately interpret a physician’s scanning instructions, administer contrast materials, prepare and operate CT scan equipment, and correctly position the patient for successful image capturing — such maneuvering generally requires that the clinician be in good health and possess a reasonable degree of fitness.

To apply for CT technologist jobs with Med Travelers, applicants must have successfully completed an accredited educational program related to radiology and be registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Clinicians with a general radiology background frequently seek additional education to enter CT technologist employment, beginning their careers as a radiology tech and then undergoing advanced training to become a CT Scan Technician.

CT technologist salary averages 

CT technologist salary rates vary, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinicians can expect an average hourly wage of between $27 and $28. CT scan technicians with advanced certification or experience can expect higher average salaries, currently averaging about $58,000 per year.

The temporary and travel CT technologist jobs staffed by Med Travelers offer a highly competitive salary and include a full suite of benefits that range from free housing and liability insurance to expense compensation and bonus opportunities. We also offer 30-day health insurance options between assignments in addition to many more benefits.

All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_nat.htm. Retrieved Nov. 20, 2012.

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