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Occupational therapy assistant jobs are being staffed at high rates throughout the country — and Med Travelers is your choice to find the certified occupational therapy assistant job that’s right for you.

Because certified occupational therapy assistants (COTAs) are so in demand throughout the U.S., Med Travelers offers COTA jobs all across the country, in healthcare facilities of all types. Some travel staffing providers specialize only in clinical or home health staffing. But thanks to decades of staffing experience, Med Travelers is able to offer COTA jobs in every type of healthcare setting, from level 1 acute care hospitals to small-town clinics, and many points in between. The result is a rich variety of opportunities and a chance to see the country and meet new people that goes far beyond local employment.

Start your COTA job search today. Browse the information below for details on certified occupational therapy assistant salary rates, job description and responsibilities, and more, or search certified occupational therapy assistant jobs now.

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Certified occupational therapy assistants work under the supervision and direction of occupational therapists in a variety of healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, and outpatient treatment centers. Certified occupational therapy assistant jobs typically involve assisting with the provision of rehabilitative services for individuals who suffer from mental, physical, emotional or developmental difficulties. COTA jobs also require the monitoring of patient activity, as well as recording progress and documenting billing.
Occupational therapy assistant jobs available from Med Travelers require candidates to have completed one of the approximately 135 accredited occupational therapy assistant programs. COTA job education generally consists of an associate’s degree or certificate program; courses in anatomy, physiology, and basic medical terminology may also be required, in addition to passing a national certification exam.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified occupational therapy assistant salary rates average about $25 per hour for full-time work, or approximately $52,000 annually. This amount can vary according to each candidate’s certification and experience, as well as the location of the employment opportunity. Advanced-level COTA jobs may offer higher salary rates.

Med Travelers offers occupational therapy assistant salary rates that are highly competitive with this national average, as well as full benefits, expense compensation, free housing, and a range of bonus opportunities. We help you acquire any licenses you may need for your assignments, along with free liability insurance and health insurance with the option of retaining 30 days of insurance coverage between your travel assignments.

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