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Cardiovascular technologist jobs (also known as cath lab tech jobs) are being staffed at high rates in locations all throughout the country, and Med Travelers provides a wide variety of cardiovascular tech job opportunities to meet this demand.

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Cardiovascular technologist jobs (also known as cath lab tech jobs) require the use of diagnostic cardiology equipment and monitoring of data, typically in assistance to a physician. Cardiovascular tech jobs are available in a variety of specialties, including vascular technology, invasive cardiology, and echocardiography (noninvasive cardiology). Most cardiovascular tech jobs are located in hospitals, and are generally categorized as physically demanding, requiring the maneuvering of patients and the set up and transfer of heavy equipment. Because of the fragile state of the patients, emotional stress is also a component in many cardiovascular technologist jobs.
Cardiovascular technologist job seekers must have completed an accredited education program (associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree), as well as achieving the proper certification. Additional certifications are available for advanced levels of cardiovascular tech jobs.

Cardiovascular technologist salary rates vary depending on many factors (including experience, certifications, and employment location), but typically average approximately $52,200 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Advanced cardiovascular tech jobs that require additional experience and training frequently offer higher salary rates.

Med Travelers offers competitive cardiovascular technologist salary rates in addition to a robust assortment of benefits. Free housing, flexible schedules, qualified expense reimbursement, and liability insurance are included; you also get comprehensive benefits — and the opportunity to keep your insurance for 30 days while you’re between assignments.

All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Retrieved Nov. 20, 2012.

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