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There’s No Place Like Home Health for Allied Travelers

Home health care jobs offer unique opportunities for travel allied health professionals; two Med Travelers therapists share their stories

By Megan Murdock Krischke

As health care delivery continues to evolve--with more and more patients receiving treatments in their own homes--the demand for allied health professionals to fill home health care jobs has continued to grow.  Taking an assignment in home health can allow a traveler to explore a new community, build personal relationships with patients and families, and have more control over his or her own schedule.

For Ryan Haught, DPT, home health physical therapy was his first job out of school.

“I followed my girlfriend on her first travel assignment, which was with a home health agency. While she was on assignment, a second position became available at her agency, so I started working there, too,” Haught explained.

After overcoming some initial nervousness, he found that he liked working on his own.  “I actually like home health more than I thought I would,” he said.

In fact, Haught liked it so much he decided to stay with home health for his second assignment. He works a consistent daytime schedule and sees an average of six patients a day, most of whom are age 65 or older.

Kirstin Smith, PTA

Kirstin Smith, PTA, had a background providing physical therapy in both home health and skilled nursing facilities when she started her first travel assignment with Med Travelers.

“I think what makes it unique and what I enjoy most about home health is that you are able to get so personal with the patients and meet their goals on a personal level. For instance, maybe a patient really wants to get back in their garden. In home health you can work specifically on that skill. In a skilled nursing facility, the work you do is more broad,” she explained. Smith also works a consistent daytime schedule, seeing around six patients each day.

“I like not being confined to a hospital or just one building,” said Haught of his home health care jobs. “I like being able to see a patient and then drive a bit and take a break. I like being out and enjoying the weather as I go from place to place.”

Haught and his girlfriend are currently in South Carolina, but they hope to head west for their next assignment.

“We’ve talked about Colorado,” he said, adding that’s he’s open to just about any kind of assignment, including more home health jobs.

“For other allied health professionals considering traveling, I would say to be very open and enjoy it.  It is a good opportunity to build your résumé and live in different places,” encouraged Smith.

Looking for allied health jobs in home health, skilled nursing facilities, clinics or hospitals? We have a wealth of opportunities available. Search Med Travelers’ current jobs or contact us today to learn more.

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